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for technological challenges faced by startups as well as enterprises.

We provide application-based solutions in a wide range of technology along with in-depth analysis, technology management, support, and expertise.

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What We Do?

Wikiance offers numerous services that are vital for any startup or enterprise. The services range from software development, API Development, DevOps, and PenTest solutions. All these services are being served on a highly customized basis. The services can opt-in any technology of your choice with endless customizations that makes it best suited to your startup or business.

Our DevOps solutions include everything from architecture, design, deployment to 24/7 support from our team of experts. The PenTest solutions help to overcome application and network vulnerability.

The software and API development solutions are highly adaptive and can be served, with any technology like ReactJs, NodeJs, MongoDB, Python being the major hits in the industry.

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Why to Choose Us?

Innovation Driven Solutions

Innovation Driven Solutions

Our team of experts believes in technology with innovation. Every startup is unique in its self and needs solutions that fit into its framework and fill up the gaps coming in the way of its success.

Predictable & Precise Output

Predictable & Precise Output

Our team of experts is highly qualified and holds proficiency in different technical fields. The team analyzes the needs and requirements of the client to provide precise solutions.

Affordable & Quality Resources

Affordable & Quality Resources

We are here with vision and mission to provide startups with highly professional & profitable services at affordable prices. Our aim is to provide solutions that anyone can take the privilege of it.

We'll Help You in...

Active Consultation

Our approach of consultation is active and professional. Our experts dive into the client requirements and vision to make more precise and predictable outcomes. Our experts will help you understand the recent industry standards and let you what solutions can be provided.

Decision Making

We stretch a line between consultation and decision-making. For Wikiance, client satisfaction matters way more than a business opportunity. Our team will help you in making the right decision. We make sure you understand what options are open in the market and which ones will affect how.

Support We believe in maintaining a long-term relationship post-sale for which we provide 24/7 support and many customizable support options for startups to make sure the service is hindrance-free. The support team will connect you with industry experts to keep the process smooth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What technology does Wikiance deal in?


We majorly build frontend in JavaScript (NextJs/ReactJs) and Backend in Java, NodeJs & Python but offer custom services in any technology of the client’s choice. The client can put forth their request for any technology, and our experts will provide custom solutions.

Does Wikiance offer service support?


Yes, we do offer 24/7 support based on the client’s requirements and requests.

Why choose Wikiance for software development?


We are determined to serve all businesses and fast-growing startups. Our digital solutions with optimal methods come with investment efficiency.

Which country does Wikiance serve in?


We serve clients across the globe. Along with our remote and local team, we do serve clients from all different countries.

Where is Wikiance located?


Wikiance is headquartered in Kolkata, India while, serving clients from across the globe.