Wikiance is an emerging platform in the industry of technology providing numerous services. We are striving to offer professional services to startups, mid startups, and enterprises at the most reasonable price.It all started with a dream of creating a platform that offers numerous services & products related to affordable technology.

What makes us different?

You might be thinking what is new with that? Several other organizations are offering these services. But the question is, how many of them offer endless customization? How many of them provide services that are affordable for startups? Or how many of them provide all the services under one roof?

The answer to your question is here. We offer solutions that are affordable for startups, and the client can independently choose any technology. It could be ReactJs, Node JS, Python, or any other of their interest. For APIs, our experts study the client’s needs and design scalable and secure solutions. Our solutions open compelling opportunities for effective connectivity and efficient monetization. The same goes with the PenTest. All the activities under Penetration Testing, are carried out by professionals to mitigate the cybersecurity risks. We do offer 24/7 support for all our services which helps you stay updated and to avoid inconvenience. Our DevOps experts integrate the DevOps processes in the organizations using modern tools complementing the framework. Our end-to-end DevOps solutions from framework to deployment are automated ensuring continuous delivery & integration to release the product sooner in the market. The clients are free to choose services at the minimum for their requirements.


What our Clients say!

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Wikiance aims to provide the best services that would fetch customer satisfaction. A glimpse of satisfaction of our customers is the golden trophy for team Wikiance.

After evaluating numerous outsourcers, we decided to work with Wikiance as the services and quotes were appealing. Initially, we had to make adjustments while discussing the tasks, but the professional approach and transparent communication helped us achieve what we dreamt of. I would take a moment and thank your team we worked with.

Aditya enterprise | Jharkhand, India

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We thank team Wikiance for their wonderful job and tremendous support throughout and post-service duration. Your professional and hardworking team has helped us with developing our program and achieving our goal on time.

Digital Print | Kolkata, India

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While serving across the globe to clients from all different countries we are rooted in Kolkata, India. You are welcome to grab a coffee while we figure out the best technological solutions for your business.

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