Software solutions

Our software development solutions offer end-to-end services with endless customizations in terms of technology and more.

Our experts start from specifying needs, designing, programming, to documentation, testing, and bug fixing, as we offer it all. Starting from strategy consultation to technology, roadmaps our experts are here to assist you with scalable solutions.

Our solutions are customizable, adaptable for seamless, and tailored for your business requirements. We offer businesses and especially startups to choose the technology of their interest and provide solutions that will help them stand out in the industry.

Along with dedicated development teams, we do offer 24/7 support to make the process seamless.


API Development & Solutions

API solutions are essential for any business; it simplifies the process of, data sharing of custom apps within and outside with the third party applications.

Wikiance offers custom APIs that enhance the function ability of your application with various systems and devices. Our codes are clean and structured in a professional way. Our experts are keen on the monitoring and security configurational all levels providing the best possible experience.

Our customized API solutions help in streamlining & accelerating the workflow. All this will result in a highly personalized user experience. We also offer 24/7 support for our services which helps you and your system stay active all time.


DevOps Solutions

DevOps solutions help in automating and streamlining the heavy flow of your works lifecycle from the framework, designing, development to deployment and operations.

Our highly customized DevOps solutions are tailored, for every business on a priority basis. There can never be a master plan that would fit every business.

We will help you with rigorous and continuous testing, the most important factor for continuous delivery. Implementation of our DevOps solutions will enhance your work culture which, is highly focused on quality production, inspiration, and commitment for faster results.

The passionate understanding of our DevOps experts is your key to success.


PenTest Solutions

It’s quite a fact that an invader won’t spend weeks or months trying to open a well-locked door with some force, but they will look for the backdoors or fragile points into your information system.

Many times even some minor vulnerabilities may lead to serious circumstances compromising the security of the system. The most recognized method to minimize the risk of getting invaded is penetration testing.

To help you enhance the security of your information system and find out the loopholes, Wikiance offers the best PenTest solutions. Our solutions help you brace your system against skilled hackers and maintain a secure system.

Our services are highly customizable and affordable, designed specifically for new startups and mid startups.

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